HPLC for Pharmacists.

A comprehensive workshop specifically for my fellow Pharmacists, with a strong emphasis on current regulatory requirements.

After all, who can train a pharmacist better than another pharmacist?

Here’s the entire program:

Chromatography basics
Some boring, but essential equations
The anatomy of a chromatogram
Gaussian peaks
Rate theory and plate theory

HPLC – The System

Pumps, design considerations
Modern HPLC pumps

Sample introduction
Modern sample injector systems
Automated injectors

The HPLC column
Column chemistry
Bonded phases
Column design and construction
USP columns and media

Detectors in HPLC
UV detectors
Refractive index

Diode Array detection

Quantitation in HPLC
Peak integration
External standards
Internal standards

Chromatography data systems

Method validation
USFDA/CDER guidelines for method validation
21CFR part 11 for software validation

Troubleshooting HPLC systems
Pressure problems
Integration problems
Separation problems
Resolution problems

The nuts and bolts of HPLC

Maintaining your precious HPLC system

Hands-on training on your HPLC instrument


Academic institutes: Rs. 30,000 only, payable on-line, in advance.
Corporates: Rs. 50,000/- only, payable on-line, in advance.
Number of participants: No restriction as such, but preferably not more than fifteen.
Outstation: Lodging, boarding and travel will be to your account.
Venue: Your own lab or college.
Duration: Two working days.
Essentials: One LCD projector, one whiteboard with marker pens.