GC for pharmacists



In the pharma-biotech industry, you must know how to develop a validated GC method and handle a modern gas chromatograph.

Like my HPLC program, my GC program is comprehensive and hands-on.

Here’s the schedule:

Chromatography Overview
Modes of Chromatography
Fundamental chromatography equations
Plate theory and van Deemter’s equation
Quantitation in GC

The GC system
Carrier gas control
Flow regulators and EFC

Sample introduction
Injector systems
Packed column injectors
Capillary column injectors

Packed columns
Capillary columns

Basic method development
Isothermal separations
Temperature programming

Validation basics
CDER guidelines on bioanalytical method validation
IQ/OQ/PQ and system suitability tests

Troubleshooting gc systems

Maintaining your GC system

Injector maintenance
Column maintenance
Preserving columns

Basic sample preparation techniques


Academic institutes: Rs. 30,000/- only, payable on-line, in advance.
Corporates: Rs. 50,000/- only, payable on-line, in advance.
Outstation: Travel, lodging and boarding to your account.
Duration: two working days
Venue: on-site; one LCD projector and one whiteboard needed.