SK Srinivas

Thirty five years.

I’ve been in the business of pharma-biotech analysis since thirty five years. API’s, intermediates, nutraceuticals, herbals, foods, QA, discovery, validation, regulatory compliance – I’ve done it all.

HPLC, GC, GC-MS, LC-MS, HPTLC and optical spectroscopy, and their data systems – I’ve used them all, seen them all.

Training people in the art of analytical chemistry is my primary passion and my core competence. Over two decades, I’ve trained pharmacists and analytical chemists in academic institutes and corporates, across India.

On-site training in HPLC or GC? Done.

Advanced training in method development? Done.

Method validation? Easy.

Regulatory compliance? Hardly a challenge.

Setting up a regulatory-compliant lab from scratch? All in a day’s work.

College, MNC, testing lab – no matter what your training needs are, call me.

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